Wellington Scenic Tours

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Q. Do I need to bring anything with me?

A. A camera! On our Safari you’ll get loads of photo opportunities – the amazing seals basking in the sunlight, the sweeping bays of the ‘Seal Coast’, the stunning mountains of the South Island – the list goes on! Coming in Summer? Remember your sunglasses and sunblock. Coming in Winter? Remember to bring a warm jacket.


 Q. I am 6 months pregnant – is the safari very bumpy?

A. It IS a 4WD safari, so there are (small) bumps, rather like your own! But we take things reasonably slowly, and over the years, we have had many, many mums-in-waiting on the tour, and we have had no complaints. However, you may wish to consult your doctor or midwife or other health professional.

Q. Are there rest-rooms on the safari?

A. Yes, there is a chance to visit a rest room within 10 minutes of departure, and within 20 minutes of return.

Q. Is the safari suitable for the very young? The very old?

A. Yes babies and geriatrics welcome! No seriously, baby seats are provided on request, and 90-year-olds have been just as inspired and pleased with the tour as younger adults.

 Q. Is the safari cancelled in bad weather?

A. The short answer is 'no'. If the weather is a bit on the wild side, then that makes for an exciting tour, not a wet one for the passengers.

The longer answer is that there are four reasons why we don't cancel for bad weather:

  • The tour is conducted in the warmth and comfort of our Sealmobiles, and with no walking involved, no-one should get unduly wet.
  • The weather is very changeable in Wellington, so it may change from 'wet' to 'fine' in half an hour, making a mockery of cancelling too soon!
  • The weather is very often better on the coast (where we go) than in the city.
  • Finally, if in the unlikely event of an extreme weather situation, we would cancel or postpone, and give you a phone-call prior to departure, or meet you at the point of departure to let you know.

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